How To Rock Her World!

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Pay Attention
It’s easy to get lost in your own pleasure, but if you want to help a woman orgasm, you have to focus on her, too. It’s common for women to turn inward when they’re turned on, so don’t rely on moans of pleasure to guide your way. Instead, watch for tension in her muscles, especially in her hands, feet and pelvis. If you’re not sure, ask her to give you a sign when she’s getting close, like a squeeze of your hand.
Don’t Stop
If it seems like something’s working, don’t change it. When a woman is close to climaxing, she needs consistency, not variety. Keep using your penis, hand, mouth, toy, or whatever else to provide resistance to her clitoris while letting her do the work. This clitoral pressure is more important for her pleasure than simply thrusting.
Get Her On Top
When she’s ready for intercourse, pull her on top of you. Also called female-superior, it’s the best sex position for helping a woman climax because it provides clitoral stimulation. web hosting . You can also try CAT (coital alignment technique): You’re on top, but focus on deep thrusting while keeping pressure on her clitoris from your pelvis.
Relax And Enjoy
While you might both orgasm at the same time, it’s more likely that one of you will be first. Keep this in mind when it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation. If that’s you, don’t sweat it. Keep her in the window: It will take about 90 seconds to lose your erection, so she should still be able to climax if you’re providing consistent clitoral stimulation with your pelvis.
She Comes First
And if she comes first? Enjoy her orgasm, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Most women have an innate capacity to achieve multiple orgasms, so get to work on that second one.

The Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, which opened in CityCenter in December, is a serene sanctuary located in the center of the bustling Las Vegas strip. From the moment you enter the non-gaming hotel’s 23rd-floor lobby with soaring views of the city, it is clear the hotel has a different point of view. It has an expansive two-level, 27,000-square-foot spa that specializes in holistic treatments that combine Eastern tradition and modern techniques, and it is home to the already-famous chef Pierre Gagnaire’s three-Michelin-star restaurant, Twist.

Interior designer Adam D. Tihany and architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates are responsible for the elegant design. The hotel has earned a LEED Gold certification because of its energy-efficient features—including heat-deflecting, light-colored rooftops, which substantially reduce the amount of artificial lighting by providing an abundance of natural light. Each room comes equipped with an automated control panel that allows guests to personalize their environment by adjusting room temperature, lighting, and entertainment systems with one central control. The 47-story, 392-room hotel has suites ranging in price from $575 to $15,000.

Top 5 iPhone Pickup Apps

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Technology has changed many things about the way we as men go about our lives, including how we interact with the opposite sex. The effusive novel-length love letters our male ancestors once painstakingly scrawled as signals of affection have now given way to instantly transmitted, tipsily mashed 140-character text messages. This means we have fewer words to explain ourselves with and a greater likelihood of botching up what does get sent.

Similarly, the pool of available prospects women have today is now open to any dude with an internet connection, as opposed to just the small collection of eligible bachelors putzing around Main Street. Forget about the benefits of having a former love interest quickly fading out of the picture once they stop visiting the homestead since, thanks to Facebook, women can continue to receive a stream of life updates from any ex if they don’t un-friend them.

While these examples may paint the picture of technology as the ultimate libido killer, the reality is that it can cut both ways. In fact, if you’re smart, advances in instant communication and digital information can serve as the ace up your sleeve for impressing women in ways you never could before. . To prove it, we’ve trawled through countless iPhone applications to select the top 5 that provide you with a leg up for wooing the lady (or ladies) in your life. Remember: Apple’s marketing slogan for the app store does state that “there’s an app for just about anything,” and it wasn’t lying.

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Brazilian Dancers and Self-Serve Froyo

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Frankly, the food truck scene could use some real excitement.

You’re thinking self-serve froyo, and maybe the occasional fleet of leggy Brazilians.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Big Swirl Truck is officially upon us… and you won’t be able to miss it.

Think of yesterday’s Korean fried chicken as this week’s entrée, and this as your dessert. When you’re in the mood for something cool and refreshing, you’ll step up to the side of the city’s first self-serve froyo truck, where dispensers await with 10 rotating flavors. It’s your chance to create a (nondairy) masterpiece for five bucks with flavors like Nutella, pistachio and blood orange. (Mmm, Nutella-pistachio-blood-orange sundae.)

But this is less a truck than a full-on mobile party. They’ve installed flashy lights and a mother of a nightclub-worthy sound system, and they’re happy to deploy a troupe of Brazilian dancers to liven things up. . (We highly encourage this option.)

So though you might see this thing on the streets now and again (pay attention to the Wells Fargo building next week), their real specialty is events. This is going to be your new way to cool down at this summer’s music festivals, farmers’ markets… and maybe your next barbecue blowout.

Trust us, the neighbors won’t mind…

The Best New Restaurant In Los Angeles

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The first time you go, you’ll find yourself deliriously lost. The Bazaar, in the SLS Hotel, is magically absurd, a fun house of possibilities, absolutely delicious and visually decadent. You drift. You circle. You won’t know the Rojo room from the Blanco room, and you surely won’t understand the half-hidden Saam room (tasting menu, fancier service). The food, by America’s greatest Spanish chef, José Andrés, isn’t the rustic dishes he learned to make back in Catalonia. It’s Spanish food that’s lost its exotic ethnicity, become whimsical, playful, and even molecular—mad-scientist stuff. Andrés prepares dishes that are absolutely accessible to American tastes; he’s decoded our dining DNA. His traditional tapas include ibérico ham, sheep’s-milk cheese, and piquillo peppers, all Spanish staples, but no smelly, fishy stuff, which is fine with me. There’s what he calls new tapas, including a play on cheesesteak made with thin baked pita, Cheddar foam, and rare Kobe beef, a combination I never encountered in my South Philly days. There’s a slew of liquefied, bite-size doodads that taste (and sometimes look) like cherries, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and olives but are actually science fiction versions of them. Once, long ago, in a place only a few miles away, Wolfgang Puck made fancy dining informal. José Andrés has made it insanely, totally fun.

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Whiskey Your Way

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No matter how many artisanal whiskeys hit the market, it seems there’s never one that matches your idea of smoky, caramel-hued perfection. So why not make your own?

The Whiskey Your Way program at House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon, lets you tailor an entire barrel (about 100 bottles) to your exact specifications. And just to make sure you know what you’re doing, the process kicks off with a tasting seminar, which will help you explain to you drinking companions back home why a Port finish and Oregon oak barrels are the only way to go.

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Designer Ice Is Hot

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Here’s a tip for your next trip to your favorite watering hole: find the ice machine. The state of a bar’s ice machine speaks volumes about the establishment’s overall attitude toward the customer experience and, sadly, most bars fall frighteningly short. I remember a particular ice machine at a local bar that was crammed in the corner of a perpetually too-hot storage closet. The cooling vents looked like my dryer’s lint collector and sheets of ice would fall into the bin speckled with black dots. I stuck to pints (at least the beer lines were cleaned regularly).

But times, they are a-changin’. Upscale joints are now paying closer attention to their ice, ice, baby, (had to be done—just be glad it wasn’t this post’s headline), according to an article in the L.A. Times. Triple-filtered, custom-cubed, hand-chunked ice is becoming all the rage in places from the Windy City to all the way across the pond in London. But come on, just how important is ice to a cocktail? As long as I can taste the booze, does it really matter where my ice comes from or what it looks like?

You’re damn straight, it does. Ice impacts a cocktail in a number of ways:

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The Ultimate Cocktail

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For special occasions, you might be okay with throwing down $23 on a cocktail. The fine barmen at Comme Ça will be slinging Rockefellers—a jigger of 23-year Rittenhouse rye, a pony of sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters and a brandy-soaked cherry. Make it two.

Comme Ça
8479 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The New Spot To Catch The Game

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The finish line, the end zone, dangling from the hoop—these are the places where you live.

Also: in front of a cold pint, surrounded by flat-screens, watching other people doing the dangling. Which is where an upscale new restaurant and sports bar on Third Street called Goal comes in.

Basically, it’s the one thing that’s been missing from this patch of road. While she’s brunching or shoe shopping, you can slide into a maroon booth to catch the game over a beer and The Juicy J, a half-pound burger stuffed with pepper jack. (They’re open noon to midnight daily, so it works for a lunchtime escape from the office too.)

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10 Wines She Will Love

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Wine is the perfect accompaniment to any date. So listen, guys, I’m about to let you in on a little secret. Here are 10 wines that are sure to please and impress the ladies.

Sojourn Cellars Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir – “Cherry raspberry with lots of earthy, dark forest notes. Taste is rich and full with dark pinot fruit. Good acidity for food.” … “One of the most delicious pinots I’ve ever had.”

Caldwell Rocket Science Proprietary Red – “Blackberries, blueberries, vanilla, brown sugar… blueberry crisp in a glass.” … “Sweet chocolate gives way to a lingering taste of cherries.”

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