How much did you pay for your current dress shoes? $100, $150, maybe $200? Well just in case your shoes aren’t giving you as rich or distinguished a look as you had hoped for, now you can spring for a pair of the world’s most expensive men’s shoe. Priced at an exorbitant $38,000 this monk-strap delight will have all the pimps around your hood wanting to rob you blind. Constructed from only the finest exotic alligator skin, these puppies were build using the techniques of Norvegese, to ensure durability and water-resistance. They are stitched with custom-made linen twine, lined with glove-soft goatskin and festooned with a gold and diamond buckle. And for that price, they better have been blessed by the lord himself, and guarantee eternal life. Pick up a pair h….I’m just kidding, you can’t afford them.

The $9,195 Cufflinks

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Cufflinks evolved from the “cuff strings” of the early 1500s. Today, most dress shirts have buttons, but the most formal of men’s shirts still require a pair of cufflinks.

A pair of luxury cufflinks created by Atelier Yozu are some of the most expensive cufflinks in the world. Yozu specializes in custom cufflinks made from a variety of luxury materials. This particular pair incorporates 18k yellow gold, 60 round diamonds (.01 carats each) and a short bar of mammoth ivory. Along with several other pairs of cufflinks created by Yozu, the Yozu Mammoth Ivory & Two Rows Diamonds Cufflinks are offered by Pianki, a dealer in “World Class Luxury Gifts.” They’re priced at $9,195.

Of course, a custom pair of cufflinks by Yozu will no doubt be more expensive. Yozu’s custom cufflinks can be made with 18k white or yellow gold or platinum and can be engraved with guilloche enameling.

Razor or Electric shaver?

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Better Man in brief …
Shave during or after a shower because the hot water opens your pores.
Contrary to popular belief, do not shave against the grain.
Must-have tool in your shaving kit? The badger brush.
About The Art Of Shaving
What was the inspiration for The Art of Shaving?
I had sensitive skin. That inspired my wife to help me avoid razor burn by creating the preshave oil in our kitchen in Chelsea.

Is there really an art to it?
No. Art elevates the act into something special. That’s what we’re really trying to say. We’ve turned it into a science where you’re able to get the perfect shave every day at home without compromising comfort or closeness.

Which camp can we count you in — manual or electric?

Do you recommend that for everyone?
Yes, unless you have some specific beliefs.

But you sell electric products in your store.
Those can be used wet, though. I don’t believe you should be using an electric shaver in your car or while eating cereal because you don’t have time. You’ve got to reevaluate the whole package at that point. We are not here to dictate. We are here to recommend, help and guide. I’ve tested electric many times, and it doesn’t give you the close shave that you want. But, if you don’t want a close shave, it could be an option.

Get The Perfect Shave
Take us through your skincare routine.
I like to use our face wash, and a couple of times a week I’ll use a scrub. I am also a big fan of our hydrating toner. It’s a nonalcoholic, 100 percent-pure rose-water toner that’s really refreshing. I usually use it after a shower (whether or not I’ve shaved) and might do a little moisturizing afterward. I don’t have very dry skin, so the toner is a really good routine for me.

The 6 Old-School Scents Every Man Should Own

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New fragrances are always worth sniffing out, but it’s also a good idea to have a few vintage bottles on hand. Each cologne on this list evokes a particular decade and is worth hunting down to add to your rotation. The scents may remind you of your dad’s nubuck wing tips, but they work just as well with a shrunken suit.

Old Spice
Somewhere along the way it became the butt of jokes, but Old Spice—the gentle blend of vanilla, orange, and musk that your grandfather slapped on after his morning shave—is, in fact, a fragrance every man should stock in his bathroom.

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10 Essential Truths of Men’s Style

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1. Most people, most of the time, judge you by what you’re wearing, and if you care what people think, you should care about what you wear. Life doesn’t get much simpler than that.

2. If you like something, respect it. Hang your pants. Roll your ties. Put shoe trees in your shoes. Oh, and wire hangers? The instruments of Beelzebub and, coincidentally, dry cleaners. Stick with wooden ones.

3. Pull yourself together. Always. Everywhere. Whether you’re going to the deli or on a date, every occasion has minimum standards. Try to meet them.

4. People who are slaves to matching (e.g., belts to shoes, socks to trousers) are shallow and tend to lack in the friends department. Anyone points out that something doesn’t match? Punch him. That’ll teach him.

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The 5 Rules of Color Coordination

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Does this tie match? What color shirt goes with these pants? These confusing, colorful questions burden every man, everywhere.

Gentlemen, to truly master the art of dressing, we must become learned individuals on the basics of color coordination. And learning to combine colors isn’t as difficult as you might think. A complete understanding of color and the color wheel is a time-consuming lesson, but thankfully an easier, more basic way for coordinating colors exists. While numerous, more complex rules are out there, here are five easy-to-use rules for color coordination.

1 – White shirts go with everything
When all else fails, raise a white flag. A white shirt works with absolutely anything you have, especially those uniquely colored items you’re not sure how to match. Couple it with a bright, patterned tie or wear it under a pastel-colored V-neck sweater; either way you’re looking sharp and perfectly coordinated. A classic, well-fitting white shirt is timeless, worth its weight in gold, and sure to keep you on the front line of fashion.

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Why Buy Custom Clothing?

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• Fit– First and foremost, as its name implies, custom is made to your measurements, your form, and your posture. It is made expressly for you. Once a custom fit is experienced, it is difficult to consider returning to an off-the-rack altered garment that is somehow never just right.

• Selection– Even if you are a 42 regular, ready-made selection is always limited and can never offer you the scope of fabrics that you will find from your tailor. He has hundreds of fabrics in different weights, patterns and qualities and they are all in your size.

• Style– When is the last time you were able to choose whether you wanted a peak or notch lapel, a side, center or no vent, double-breasted, a vest or an extra pair of trousers? Or for that matter, what about something really special, like working buttonholes? All of this is possible with a custom suit.

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What You Wear Represents Who You Are

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Clothing is a powerful non-verbal communicator. Before you say a word your clothes have influenced the assumptions of others about who you are: your income, position/title, lifestyle, home, car and even your self-image. You can either have your clothing say what you want it to or leave it to chance.

A wardrobe is more than just a matter of what fits and is affordable. It is also less about quantity and more about quality. In creating a wardrobe with my clients, I take into consideration who they are, their current position and where they plan on their personal and professional goals taking them. Your confidence and self-esteem should flow through what you wear. Your clothing is key in your success – whether at work or play.

Let your wardrobe show your confidence in who you are and what you do.

Finding the Right Eyeglasses

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Your eyeglasses should contrast, not mimic, the shape of your face. Here’s a quick guide, courtesy of renowned eyeglass designer Richard Morgenthal.

Your shape: Heart
Your specs: A heart-shaped face already has a lot of definition. Since your head is top-heavy, go for a geometric frame that gives some width to the lower half of your face.

Your shape: Square
Your specs: Since a square face already has angles, go for a round or oval frame that shapes your cheekbones. A decorative frame with width will often do the trick.

Your shape: Round
Your specs: Avoid dark frames; they only make your face appear heavy. A round face needs direction, so opt for angular and narrow frames-never a square or a circle.

Your shape: Oval
Your specs: A modern rectangle is best for an oval face. Because your face is longer than it is wide, you’ll need frames that provide width. If your face is wider than it is long, go the opposite way.