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Jessica Alba

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Hot or Not?


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This is a outrage!

Funny Animal With Big Eyes

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Finger Paints At Naked Pool

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You’ll finally have the chance to demonstrate your unique take on color composition when you and other people with a strong disinterest in bikini-top lines are given finger paints at Naked Pool at Artisan. The world is your canvas.

You have to hand it to the commies: among the bad ideas (communist rock, all that sharing), they had a few good ones, too. In particular, they could grill up quite a burger.

At least that’s how we remember it.

Welcome to KGB, Harrah’s new Soviet-style burger den, soft-opening on the Fourth of July… naturally.

It’s the best Moscow burger joint that never was, brought to life in the world’s favorite city for capitalist decadence. Everything here is black, white or red, with the emphasis firmly on the red—from the Cold War-era propaganda posters on the wall to the 10-seat chef’s table by the kitchen dubbed “Red Square.” (Menu options are strictly enforced.)

Then you can get down to the main attraction—the Iron Chef Sliders, a set of mini burgers from chef Kerry Simon’s victorious appearance on Iron Chef’s “Battle: Hamburger.” (Not to be confused with the Iron Curtain quesadillas.)

There’s also a menu of house pickles and the vodka bar tucked into the side wall for variety’s sake. Or better yet, top things off with the perfect combination of the two menus: a vodka-infused, pickled hot pepper.

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Hadaka Sushi is a restaurant set on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, where rich people can serve delicious sushi right off human platters. The art of arranging pieces raw fish on naked human bodies is known as Nyotaimori (which translates as “female body arrangement”) and it is a very old Japanese tradition, so old its origins are unknown.

Not anybody can afford such an extravagant meal, the model alone costs $1100 and the food is extra. But it appears there are plenty of people out there willing to pay such a price, some of them even asked for male model as platters and the restaurant obliged. Although not the first “naked sushi” restaurant in America, it is the first, and so far only, one in LA. And I think it’s going to be a hit, because, as the owner says, “sex sells, especially on the Strip”.

Annoying Or Not Annoying?

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