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No. 1 Clive Christian for men

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Created with no cost spared, No 1 represents the ‘non plus ultra’ of British luxury. It uses the rarest and most precious ingredients, both for the fragrance as well as the bottle. Decorated with a white brilliant-cut diamond, its bottle makes No 1 the ultimate luxury perfume.

Available in luxury pure parfum bottle of 30ml and 50 ml eau de parfum.

In collaboration with Baccarat, the most prestigious name in the world of crystal, the famous English designer offers a No 1 limited edition: a matchless crystal bottle, enriched with an 18-carat gold inset containing a 5-carat brilliant cut diamond. A magnificent celebration of the fragrance and of the bottle: so magnificent that it received the UK FIFI award for special packaging in 2006.

The Future of Social Networking

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It’s easy to amass a stream of endlessly chattering Facebook friends and Twitter followers…

But lately you’ve been craving a more simple pleasure—a cold martini with someone interesting. In person. Who could potentially make your life much more awesome.

Bringing back the real world to the Internet: By/Association, a mysterious new networking site unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Instead of quantity of connections, this site is about quality: no status updates, no tweets, no virtual collecting of followers or “friends.” Just one introduction per month to someone you might not otherwise have met. That’s it.

So far, the introductions have been personally selected by the man behind the curtain (based on whom he thinks you should meet), but as membership grows there’ll be a complicated (yet brilliant) algorithm used to generate the connections.

Getting started is easy—simply submit an application, and once accepted, you’ll receive your first intro in no time. Here at UrbanDaddy HQ, we’ve had the pleasure of making acquaintances with a filmmaker, a marketing guru and, most important, a talented knife maker.

This all got started in New York, but the gates have just been opened in LA—with Chicago, Boston and Toronto coming soon.

In this town, you are what you consume—what you watch, where you eat and what you read.

Here to help you forge deep, meaningful bonds based on those qualifications alone is a startlingly thorough new social networking site called Strings, now in public beta.

Think of it like Facebook or Twitter, but with only the important updates (just saw Greenberg), not the mundane ones (OMG still on the 405). Once you create a profile, you can sync it up with your iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Foursquare and even your TiVo. So in real time, whether or not you’re logged on, your friends can see that you downed a few tequilas at Las Perlas, then listened to some Fanfarlo at home and ordered some art books… all while recording Duck Soup on cable.

It’s also great for meeting and learning about new people in your life. You might find that the beauty you just traded info with in Santa Monica is also a fan of a certain comedy trio from the 1930s…

Groucho really brings people together.

You’ve been back at work a few hours now, and frankly, you’re completely exhausted.

Time to find solace in the cutting-edge world of Beverly Hills massage―it now involves a flurry of four hands, caviar and you.

Introducing The Four-Hand Caviar Massage, quite possibly the second best way to spend two hours with 20 fingers on your body, now available deep inside the Beverly Hills Hotel.

From the palm-shaded hotel entrance, you’ll work your way past the Polo Lounge―probably crossing paths with some film execs, maybe Anjelica Huston―and down into the basement spa. Your robe awaits, as does a menu of options for your rubdown’s soundtrack. They don’t have AC/DC, but they do have Beethoven.

As the music swells, your eyes close, and your chest is bared, you’ll be scrubbed down and wrapped into a warm cocoon (this part’s to clean up your skin) while two hands tenderly knead your scalp… and two more rub your feet. And that’s just the first hour.

You’ve got time for a quick shower, then comes another hour of massage―two hands on your arm, maybe, with two more on your leg, all moving across your body in impressive harmony. And they aren’t rubbing actual fish eggs on you―just really expensive caviar-infused lotions.

Just this once, you’ll let it slide.

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You can cut your cigars three different ways, make the most sedate sedan corner like it’s on rails, and pick out a spicy Pinot Noir blindfolded.

You can even maneuver a hang glider with panache while wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo. (Or could, if pressed.)

Still, there are some things you leave to an expert. Like placing the perfect hunk of fish on an Unagi & Banana Roll.

So we’ve got just the expert for you: Akira Back, exec chef of Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar, officially opening tomorrow at Bellagio.

Back has paid his sushi dues under legends of the raw-fish community—hall of famers like Nobu, Morimoto and Nagao. He’s also got that requisite air of mystique, having been a professional snowboarder in a past life. So he’s equipped with the pedigree and the X-tremeness to rock your sashimi-loving world. (Among the tastes that await you: Yellowtail Tataki, King Crab Dynamite and, possibly our favorite, Scottish Salmon with Japanese Hollandaise.)

You’ll want to savor Back’s arrangements from a table on the private balcony. Not only is it the most intimate space in the restaurant, it’ll also give you and your date the best views of Lake Bellagio and the fountain show.

As for what to do from here, we won’t offer any advice.

In these matters, you’re something of an expert.

You’ve long had a soft spot for cereal.

Sugar-coated flakes. FD&C Red #40. Tony the Tiger sharing jump rope tips.

It all seems so innocent.

It was only a matter of time before someone added… moonshine.

Introducing the Noah Ellis #48, an off-menu milk, moonshine and cornflake cocktail that’s your new breakfast of (blackjack) champions, available now at First Food & Bar.

This is the Vegas-ized version of the most important meal of the day: a short glass with cornflakes suspended in malted milk ice cubes floating atop a layer of frosty malted milk foam that’s been laced with 80-proof corn whiskey. It’ll remind you of drinking the super-sweet milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl, soggy flakes included—if you happened to take a swig from Grandma’s bowl by accident.

So while reaching Zen-like levels of calm before a big day at the tables, head to First, concentrate on this cocktail and let the firewater loosen up the gears a bit. Maybe try to think about the cereal box mascot—a toothless hooch runner in the Appalachian backcountry, perhaps—or the drinks you’d need to add to make a square early-morning meal.

You’re still waiting on that omelet-flavored gin.

There’s dinner and then there’s dinner in Vegas.

And nothing against dinner, but dinner in Vegas usually means a whole lot more than food.

And sometimes it even means a giant crane.

Welcome to Dinner in the Sky, a private chef’s table hoisted 160 feet in the air, taking reservations now.

If you’ve been chasing the dream of a cross between fine dining and skydiving, your quest ends here. You’ll start by sitting down at a 22-person table in the middle of an empty lot—which should be your first tip-off that something’s less than kosher. Your second tip-off will come when the whole table, including your bolted-down chair and the three-person kitchen in the center, starts lifting off the ground and doesn’t stop until you’re dangling at roughly the height of Niagara Falls. After that… the salad.

The main course is Filet Mignon Medallions in Bordelaise Sauce, but we’ll understand if your mind is on other things. Your chair and footrest are bolted in, but other than a safety harness, there’s nothing between you and thin air.

Sort of like the staff meal at Cirque du Soleil.


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The Whole Foods Parking Lot

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